New Historical Walking Tour

We have released yet another downloadable PDF file, this time of “The Davenport Hotel: Historical Walking Tour.”  We will maintain corresponding icons in the sidebar menu to view and download this and other handy documents in the future.

Another brochure??? And why did we do it?

Our other brochure, “Art & Ornament in the Davenport Hotel” was loosely based on the old walking tour, but we chose a historical preservation focus for that one. Afterwards, we had so much good text left over that it seemed a shame to waste it, so we used it on this new walking tour. The two brochures overlap in places, but differ in audience appeal.

We won’t claim that our walking tour is the best that anyone could ever do. We just happen to think ours is the most accurate in print.  We would dearly love to supply the brochures ourselves, but we do not have the resources to supply the entire public. At least we can offer readers the option of downloading this for themselves on 8 1/2 X 11″ paper. Just remember to click that little print box that says, “Fit to Size” so it will fold correctly.


Art & Ornament Brochure

Detail of the “Green Man” from the Marie Antoinette Ballroom.

We are happy to announce a downloadable PDF file of our new trifold brochure, “Art & Ornament in the Davenport Hotel.” Click on the brochure icon at the right to view this document. The map icon below that will take you to downloadable PDFs containing maps of the main Hotel areas.

We believed the time had come for a more accurate guide to the Davenport Hotel’s features than currently existed. Our brochure includes information about the Hotel’s 2000-2002 renovation, as well as historical information about the art and ornamentation of its interior.

We hope to eventually produce an expanded souvenir booklet that will include more detail, anecdotal accounts, and more photos. Until then, we hope this will suffice for the casual tourist, the historic preservation advocate, or even the serious Davenport aficionado.